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How should we choose the shampoo?

It is very important to choose the shampoo based on the hair type. Different products are produced for dry, oily and normal hair types.

Dry hair needs more care. Therefore, nutritious and balanced shampoos should be preferred.

Oily hair needs much more care than other hair types. In order to control oiliness, shampoos produced specifically for oily hair should be preferred.

Those with normal hair types are those with ideal scalp. The hair of these people is not oiled within 24 hours after washing. Therefore, the balance of oil and moisture in the scalp should be preserved with the products used.

How should hair care be for dyed hair?

To prevent your dyed hair from being worn out and to keep its color permanent, you should not wash your hair frequently. Make sure that the shampoo you will use has color protecting properties. Hugva Elixir Shampoo For Colored Hair helps preserve the color of your hair. It adds shine and vitality to your hair. If you want your hair color to be more permanent, it will be useful to wash with warm water in winter and warm or cold water in summer.

How should hair care be done? Key points in hair care…

While the conditioners we use ensure that the hair is soft, instead of applying it to the ends of the hair during the shower, evenly distributing the hair cream from the top of the hair without applying it to the scalp will help the hair to take shape more proportionally.

Hair that is constantly washed loses its natural moisture.

If possible, be careful not to comb the hair while it is dry. Choose a wide-spaced comb. Hair brushes and densely toothed combs cause hair to break.

How should curly hair care be done?

Although the maintenance of curly hair is difficult, the result is worth everything. Curly hair often tends to be dry, so don't overdo it when it comes to washing. Purifying your scalp thoroughly will ensure that your hair grows healthier. Curly hair type should never be brushed. Before showering, you can comb your hair with a wide comb comb, or you can disentangle your hair with the help of your fingers after showering.

How can we prevent dandruff?

To get rid of dandruff, you shouldn't wash your hair every day. Washing your hair every day can damage the scalp. You should never wash your hair with hot water. Warm water should always be your choice. Excessive heat causes the deteriorated balance in the scalp to worsen, so you should not use hair styling tools.

How to repair damaged hair?

You can repair your hair that has not been carefully cared for or has been treated too much. First of all, you should not wash your hair every day. Washing your hair constantly reduces moisture in your hair ends and dries them. Dry hair is damaged and worn faster. While washing your hair, you should prefer shampoo and care creams that nourish and repair. Hugva Herbal Shampoo series provides deep cleansing while nourishing your hair. It helps support strong, healthy growing hair.