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How should roll on and deodorant be used?

Roll on: It is used by applying it under armpits. Before the application, you should make sure that your armpit is clean and dry, so you will get a more effective result. With Hugva Roll-On Ocean Fresh, you can have comfort. Hugva Roll-On Black & White provides protection for 48 hours and prevents the formation of white stains on dark clothes and yellow stains on light clothes. Hugva Roll-On Pink Dream provides 48 hours of protection while you enjoy the beautiful scent.

Deodorant: You should spray under the armpit from a distance of 15 cm. If the deodorant is powdered, it must be used after shaking. You should avoid spraying deodorants on your clothes.

What does deodorant do?

Deodorants do not help prevent sweating. It is used to combat body odor and at the same time not to cause body odor.

Can soap be used for cleansing the skin?

Although soaps are products used for cleaning, they are not germicidal. It cleans dead skin cells, bacteria, oils, dried sweat, dirt and dust on our skin. It is a product that is not suitable for use in skin cleansing, but only suitable for hand care.

How should body care be? What does shower gel do?

The shower gel, which is used instead of soap and purifies the body from substances such as dirt, cleans our body without drying it with its beautiful scent and slippery structure. Risk of allergy is lower than soaps. It is safer for sensitive skin and more suitable. It makes your skin look softer and smoother. It helps your skin remain fresh.

During each shower, squeeze a few drops on your washcloth. After it foams, gently apply on your body by massaging. Rinse off with warm water.

Steps for body cleansing…

First of all, we should not forget about cleaning the neck area. One of the reasons for the dirt on our clothes is that the neck area is not thoroughly cleaned. Soap and water alone are not enough for a clean body while bathing! You should apply peeling to remove the dead skin from your body. While bathing, you should pay attention to your choice of shower gel and soap.

What should be done to moisturize the drying body?

You should always drink plenty of water! You can prevent your body from drying out quickly with body cleansers after showering. To prevent your body from drying, you need to moisturize your body every day. Remember, when you moisturize your body, you will feel soft and relaxed. Hugva Body Lotion All Skin Types moisturizes and refreshes your skin and provides a smooth appearance.