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How should the skin care routine be?

For a smooth, fresh and healthy skin, you should take care in your skin care routine. Your daily skin care should be routine, such as taking a shower or brushing teeth. If basic care is insufficient, our skin looks dull, lifeless and tired. The daily skin care routine should be based on the principle of cleansing (cleanser / tonic) and moisturizing (serum / moisturizer). You can follow the same routine day and night. In addition to these, you can turn using eye cream, peeling and masks into a routine.

How can we regenerate our damaged skin?

First of all, we need to take advantage of beneficial foods and consume plenty of water. With the help of peeling, we can add vitality by purifying our skin from dead skin. You can renew your skin with moisturizers suitable for your skin type!

How should the skin care routine be for dry skin?

Dry skins are skin types that lose moisture and exfoliate faster when compared to normal and oily skin. People with dry skin type should prefer facial cleansers that do not contain alcohol, soap and perfume. Tonic should be used in order for the moisturizer to be more effective on your skin. Hugva Refreshing Toner cleans the skin and cleans the dirt to refresh your skin. The moisturizer you use is also very important. You should prefer moisturizers with ingredients that are good for your dry skin and have moisture-retaining properties. Hugva Cream Hyra renews your skin with every use and adds softness.

Care routine for combination skin!

People with combination skin should never use products prepared for oily skin. Because the dry and tense areas of the skin can be damaged. Makeup removal should not be neglected. You can use facial cleansing gels and foams in your daily routine. You can use a tonic suitable for combination skin types to purify your skin from all dirt and oils.

How should skin cleansing be done correctly?

You shouldn't wash your skin too much. Wash your skin with warm water and rinse for a long time. Do not dry your face completely, leave it slightly moist. As soon as you wash your skin, you need to moisturize it. Do not apply peeling more than 2 times a week.

How do we know that our skin is sensitive?

Sensitive skin is caused by the loss of moisture and sebum balance. The skin often looks red or has persistent itching, burning, and irritation. Especially in winter, when the weather gets cold and the weather is dry, it becomes red and irritated.