Using an artisanal craft to extract essential oils from plants, we’ve captured the therapeutic power of the pure nature. It inspires tranquility and romotes peaceful spirit.

What should we pay attention to when buying / choosing perfume?

When choosing your perfume, first try a small amount on the inside of your wrist. When you try perfume, you can have a light item, such as a scarf, with you. Since the scent of the perfume on your skin and clothes will be different, it will be beneficial for you to spray the scent and try it out on an item.

You should wait at least 3 minutes for the perfume to permeate your skin. Remember that each person's skin scent is different and it is very inconvenient to buy a perfume because it is fashionable.

If you have dark skin, spice tones, if you have light skin, floral tones will be more suitable for you. Those who love spice tones can prefer Hugva Perfume Sapphire / Men and Hugva Perfume Intense / Men.

You can try different fragrances in different seasons. You can prefer light floral scents in summer and permanent, intense and spicy scents in winter. You can try Hugva Wizard Perfume / Men and Hugva Wizard Perfume / Women.

Tips for finding the right perfume!

You should not listen to others… Because perfume will not be the same on every skin. You have to analyze your perfume. You should know yourself because only you can find the scent that suits you. Do not forget to try the perfume on your skin!

What are the perfumes that should be used in summer?

According to perfume experts, the fragrances that suit the summer season are listed as citrus, fruit, ocean and light floral scents. For light floral scents, we can give examples of flowers such as peony, jasmine, magnolia and freesia. You can try Hugva Perfume Charm / Women and Hugva Wizard Perfume / Women. You can use products such as perfume, body lotion or oil to make it last longer in the summer, but be careful not to overdo it.

Where are the regions where perfume is most permanent?

The most ideal areas to ensure that the perfume is more permanent on the body are the temples, chest gap and inner arm. These areas are the areas where blood vessels are closest to the skin. Therefore, it ensures that the scent is trapped in the skin. Smells applied behind the ear should be changed! Because the skin produces more oil in the area behind the ear.

Where should perfume be stored?

We should not store our perfumes in light, hot and humid places. If we store our perfumes in a dry, cool and dark place, their life will be longer. Even refrigerators are recommended as ideal storage areas for perfumes.